imthegirlinyourshadow: Hey I was just wondering for your latest post you posted a sims 4 guy (who by the way is gawgus like mighty fine!) um I was wondering if you souls please tell me your sims 4 origin I.D so that I could 'steal' him from you? I would live to have him in my game it would be amazing if you could do that for me! -imthegirlinurshadow xx have a great dayxxxx

Hi there!
Thank you! :) well you can search for Darossackles, They’re few male sims I’ve created them and put em for download. I might create em more in future.
For other recommend just download new eyes this probably help sim looks for more better. 


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armidipodcast: Hi dear, thanks a lot for follow my tumblr. I love your sims, but i have a question about your creations: What skins and sliders did you use? They are awesome. (sorry for my english because it's not my motherlanguage, i'm italian. Thanks in advance, best regards and kisses. - Armidi

Hi Armidi.
Thank you! If you mean the sims 3, They are many sliders you can get it here on (oneeuromutt did awesome works!) & hiiemal.tumblr aswell :D
Actually u can find more on mysims3blog also. About the skins I usually like Ephemera skin.

Hope this could help ^^ 

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remibeer: Can I download the sims you made for sims 4? I really like them

Hi there!
Thank you so much you can search for Darossackles but I only put Joeley for download and I probably do another more soon , For Noel he’s will be a model on another site I can’t upload him on public for now, I’m sorry if you need Noel. :)
Have a great day.

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